Beach Riding

I guess we can officially say we are now in the final run down to Christmas, however for the first time in my life it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all, a major downside of travelling in hot countries at this time of year. Tinsel, Christmas songs and snowflake decorations just don’t really work when the temperatures are a standard 28degrees plus. It’s even more bizarre when you look to buy Christmas cards and they’re all covered in snow, I was hoping for a nice Christmas on the beach scene. Apparently roast dinner isn’t your typical Christmas meal either, but there’s only a few days left until I can confirm that one or not.

As my lovely yummy malteaser calendar is telling me I only have 4 days left to go I decided yesterday to treat myself to an early Christmas present and tick another activity off my bucket list. As a horse fanatic the dream has always been to ride along the lovely white sandy beaches of Australia, so what better time than whilst we we were staying at Rainbow Beach, the location that fills the front cover of 101 Best Australian Beaches.

After a lovely morning sunbathing on the beach it was time to head back and dig out my jeans for the first time in a good few weeks and kit up for my afternoon ride. Black jeans certainly wouldn’t be my usual choice of attire here and my legs were baking. Arriving at the stables I filled in the obligatory paperwork and signed my life away before being introduced to my lovely horse for the afternoon, Cadbury, a thoroughbred, my favourite and turned out to be a true gentleman. We got through the dry sand without an mishaps, my guy being prone to sweet itch can have a tendency to role and once on the wet sand the fun commenced. So much fun being in the water and finally the rest of the group carried on and Helen, the manager, held us back so we could have a canter. After the first attempt feeling slightly odd, the saddles were a type I hadn’t come across before, a sort of mix between a European saddle and a western one, the second was a lot easier to settle and sit into. I was only gutted we couldn’t go for longer and I forgot to even go I’m the water. Guess I’ll just have to do it again!

Riding in Australia is an expensive activity, even more so when you want to head out on the beach, but it was nice to know talking to Helen and Andrew the owner of Rainbow Beach Rides that so much of what you are paying goes to spoiling the horses you are riding. Physiotherapy five times a year, dentists so many times a year, they are absolutely showered with love and attention, the way it should be!

If you’re ever in the Rainbow Beach area check our Rainbow Beach Hirse Rides!




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