Holidaying not travelling…

The first five/six weeks of mine and Kats travels have been pretty damn hectic, we haven’t stopped, well barely, six countries I’m 6 weeks is no mean feat, especially when you chuck I’m all the flights, taxis and bus rides to try and keep us on budget. I’ve been kind of lazy and not had that much time for writing, or at least no time I’ve wanted to give over to writing, so here is a quick whistle stop tour of what we’ve fitted in do far:

One week in India, crazy chaotic and amazingly colourful – definitely a bucket list country!
One week in Nepal, beautiful, chilled and so the best place to go for the complete opposite of India.
One week in Hong Kong, brings you back to the western world with a bang, but allows you to keep a foot in Asia so to speak. I loved it!

Two weeks in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpa and learning to dive wiped us out so we decided to spend the rest of our time sitting by the sea, drinking cocktails and sunbathing. Which is where I’m writing from now. And it is most definitely the best way ever to do it. Fed up of the buses that are never on time (unless you’re leaving Kuala Lumpa, there they are actually pretty decent) we decided to skip going back to the west of Malaysia and do a small triangle of Mersing, Kota Tinggi and Desaru, before heading down to Johor Bahru to reach Singapore.

Mersing is pretty dire, it’s sole purpose and the only reason I would ever recommend going there is to reach Tioman Island, a total jungle island paradise. There are stunning islands I, sure all over the world but this being my first I think it will now hold a special place in my heart. I definitely now dig island life! Having had a small taste we didn’t want to leave so decided to carry on the chilled vibe that Malaysia was offering us by heading to Kota Tinggi.

Kota Tinggi brought us totally off any semblance of traveller/backpacker route. We went there solely for the waterfalls which were lovely! Like Mersing it’s a gateway to somewhere else for most holiday makers, Desaru beach resorts. We stayed in an alright hotel but with the most lovely staff who even ordered Pizza Hut for us. The 9 hour day of travelling had left us completely uninterested in looking for something even vaguely exotic!

Having also given up on waiting for buses that never showed, we decided to upgrade for our travel to Desaru and take a taxi, it cost us £5 each for a 45ish minute journey, something you’d never get back home in the UK. Our lovely taxi driver was again supplied bthe lovely staff of our previous hotel. And now we are staying, not quite in the lap of luxury but for us pretty well close enough. Right now is probably the closest we’ve been so far to peoples rose tinted glasses view of travelling. Sleeping, swimming, drinking and eating all under a glorious hot sun. I’m done with writing, off to enjoy more sun sea and sand. Oh yes!!!!



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