“Oh hello hospital!”

Before every trip it’s strongly advised you purchase travel insurance and do some research around it. Leaving the UK for a period longer than 2/3 weeks I decided for once to try and do it properly rather than just opt for the cheapest going, which has always got me through summer holidays with the friends in Ibiza etc. I’ve never had to use it and stupidly assumed (or rather hoped) I wouldn’t have to for the whole year I was away. Unfortunately this was not to be the case!

After a lovely evening with friends, we were supposed to head rafting, we headed off for dinner instead. Having left my bike behind and despite not really wanting to ended up riding another persons instead. I should have stood my ground and walked, the restaurant was not even 5 minutes away, but instead within a few minutes of leaving my bike slid out on the Tarmac and I was shot over the handlebars. Not my most elegant moment. My bags went all over the place and I was in pain in a lot of places. Stupidly I decided I was alright to still go for dinner and drank through the pain. Arriving home at 11pm ish I found Lib and Greg still up and the realisation of how much pain I was actually in was setting in big time. With a tonne of ice on my elbow I decided to try and sleep with the caveat if it was no better in the morning I would say and go straight to get it checked.

The next morning I’d lost all movement in my arm and couldn’t support it’s weight on its own. So I rang my insurance company and told them I was going to the hospital blah blah blah, it was the biggest waste of time in the world despite being told in the paperwork that’s what to do. The guy just said to go and ring when I was there, that’s all well and good until I get there and the bulldog on reception says I. can’t go through until I’ve got a guarantee from the insurance company. So a number of phone calls later, no credit left, she decides she’s got enough info to allow me into A&E. Three hours later I’m released with a fractured elbow, intensive looking sling and a tonne of super strong meds, on and a cd of my 4 very painful X-rays, it’s almost like a tourist trip.

So far I haven’t heard anything from the insurance company or the hospital since leaving, but I’m sure if the decide I owe anything I will heat pretty fast, touch wood for now everything seems alright and my $1000+ bill won’t have to come out of my pocket. Makes me pretty thankful for the NHS even if I was seen and out in the same amount of time as you’re generally sat waiting in the UK. I almost had a heart attack on top of everything else when the receptionist said it would cost $700 to go through to A&E and about $300-400 for the doctor to then see me, without the cost for X-rays or medication etc. Thank god I opted for the £15 million hospital cover that’s all I can say.

Recent update to the above debacle, my parents received an invoice the other day relating to a patient that definitely was not me and addressed to a lady that definitely wasn’t them. Well done Jasper Hospital finance department! Maybe the NHS isn’t so bad after all?!