Settling in!

Day 2 & 3 Thursday 19/ Friday 20 June 2014

Firstly a big shout out to my not so little brother Harry who turned 18 today, this is the first big event of the next year that I’m going to have to get used to not being around for. HAPPY BIRTHDAY though, I hope you had loads of fun and look forward to celebrating next year!

My first whole day in Canada is now complete and so far if I’m honest it feels a bit like I am just on holiday. I am missing my regular internet access already, hence these posts are already behind and coming out a bit post humorously shall we say. Fingers crossed the wifi will be back up at the house soon and I will sorted on my phone in the next week so it’ll feel a little more normal. But this is good practise for when we reach countries and connection is really bad. For today I was down at a good old internet cafe (that also couples as a launderette) to get my fix for an hour of social media and email catch up. Unfortunately it also meant I was online in time to see us loose horrifically to Uruguay in the World Cup :(. Japan however managed to secure a draw, so in terms of my sweepstake team I was much happier.

Spent the afternoon chilling out and relaxing in the garden, but don’t get to jealous, I’ve already been bitten and it’s only been one day! The biggest reminder in the world to but bug spray on first thing in the morning. I avoided one bugger by it kamikazeing itself into my glass of Chardonnay. The day was ended by a lovely meal curtsy of Greg and Libby’s friends and a few alcoholic beverages and a late night chat by the fire. I think I’m being lulled into a false sense of security as next week the real work might be starting :/

Friday saw more of the essentials happening, went food shopping, cannot believe how expensive things like cheese are here, not sure how I will survive, definitely going to have to go for in moderation only!

Attempting to be of help has led to me trying to brush up on some culinary skills, so far they’ve stretched to a tabbouleh salad, veggie kebabs and preparing humous! Not a lot but I’m a little bit proud. Oh and boiling eggs, what more could you need to know?


Hitting the Road – Day 1 of the big adventure, Wednesday 18 June 2014

This morning was tough, as one friend aptly put it, ‘you’re probably feeling 1000 different emotions right now, but enjoy every one of them!’ I needed to receive that text, along with all the other messages of encouragement and good luck to remind myself that I was doing the right thing, however scary and horrible it felt at that moment to be leaving all my family and friends thousands of miles away. In many ways I was thankful that my mum and Christian were both heading of to work in the morning as it meant you couldn’t hang around saying goodbye for hours and my dada and brother are much better at airport drop off quick goodbyes, so I avoided any tears at the airport, which is good going for me.

I left English soil at 13.20 UK time on a 2 hour 40 minute flight to Reykjavik. I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it all went at the Heathrow end, and even happier that I could charge my phone and access wifi while I waited. The first part of my flight was glitch free, apart from the screaming baby a few rows back, who every time you thought had calmed down, would start up again. I have a real issue with screaming babies on planes but now probably isn’t the time to go into that. I whiled away the journey with my first celeb glossy magazine in a long time, thank you goes out to Luke, turned out to be a pretty good choice for plane reading having not managed to download a book I’m really interested in yet on my iPad.

Landing in Reykjavik I was starving so went on the standard hunt for food to accompany the rolls I’d carried from home (anyone planning on travelling with IcelandAir in the future, I highly recommend, however unless your travelling economy comfort upwards you have to pay for all your extras, pretty much like easyjet, but a bit nicer and comfier). Stopover was for all of an hour and a half and if you have a flight connection here it is a fab little airport, unlimited wifi again being a massive bonus. Leaving here it was another 6 and a half hours to reach Canada, not helped by the fact we were delayed for 45 minutes as the baggage count just wasn’t adding up. For I think the first time ever, I’d ended up with some amazing seats on the plane, turned out my row was right behind economy comfort so even though I didn’t get their perks 😦 I did get an excessively large amount of leg room! 😀 so much leg room I could travel the whole way with my legs stretched out, I didn’t feel smug in the slightest. The only downside to effect my feeling of glee was that I was right next to the toilet. Never the best spot.

Landed in Canada 6.30 their time, so my body was thinking it was 1.30am, thankfully went straight through security with absolutely no glitch at all, despite the fear from Kathryn’s mum that they might want to interrogate the hell out of me. I’d come prepared with bank documents, letters, emails, addresses etc etc and ended up not needing any of it. The journey from the airport was another 4 hours but boy were some of the views worth it!already it was reminding me why everybody at some point needs to see some of the world! Finally crashed into bed after. 24 hour travel stint – I can’t say I’m overly looking forward to some of the other journeys that are to come, but if there as easy as this one, I really shouldn’t complain!